The world of blogging

How I am learning to blog on the internet:


Today 6th Nov 2017 I am attempting to create my blog.Write some sense .I must confess I’m completely lost with no idea what to write; how to write or promote my blog . More important I’m not sure who will read my blog; and then there are stories of successful bloggers that we read about and they do two things to us : give us a sense of inspiration¬† but also make us feel helpless and lost .Today I read this story on BBC news of a 27 year entrepreneur¬† who has now started her own successful company . what was interesting was that¬† she started blogging at 12 . She is Ms.Isabella Lowengrip. Today I’m inspired to read about her and dedicate my first blog to her .Hopefully she will be my guru in blogging and I too will learn to create successful blogs

Isabelle Lowengrip